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Conference at Spier for Internet Solutions followed by Zip lining in the Elgin

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If you are planning a conference this is definitely the place to go.  The first thing that struck me about this venue is the close proximity of the hotel and the parking.  Everything is in walking distance and easy to find. (This is important when you are on the clock). Ben the conference facilitator is very organised and a solid compliment to The Spier Brand.  He’s focussed, ready and constantly available.  He pops up unexpectedly with a huge grin and openness that makes you feel part of the “establishment”.

When 2 banting breakfasts were increased to 7 on the morning of the conference, Ben was on it. Smiling and accommodating handling 4 different meal requests. The man is a legend.  He made my position for the morning as “overseer”, a very simple one.

IMG_8919At 10am the tea and snacks were served.  Large platters over flowing with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon and kiwi fruit, delicately moulded homemade biscuits and  freshly brewed coffee.  Followed by large bowls of lean biltong and nuts, “Yum”!  Coffees and snacks were served during conference  as the delegates were on a strict time line. The Spier staff, were timeous and ushered in snacks so quietly I don’t think the delegates even realised the feast that was being set up behind them.  It was nothing short of perfect.

At  12:15 Ben took me through each dish that had been prepared for lunch. Which were banting, halaal, vegetarian etc…  Hot and cold, plated and finger foods all formed part of the spread. The Chef, popped in and asked if everything was to my satisfaction.  Once again it was perfect.

IMG_8908At 12:50 All delegates were ushered to the parking lot, a one hour drive to Elgin and a Zip lining experience was on the cards.  The loud chatter and excitement was palatable.  In typical fashion from those school boy days, I notice that all the big strong “full grown” men, still rush to the seats at the back of the bus, while the ladies sit close together, chatting in the front.  You can tell by all the masculine pushing of peers that the men are excited too. The driver, gives it a hoot hoot and all the delegates wave at me as they pull off out of the lot.   Another successful and happy event arranged by Extreme Scene.

– by Kate Cameron

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