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Extreme Adventure

Quad bikes

The day will begin with the whole bachelor party enjoying 1 – 2 hours on quad bikes racing through the sand dunes of Atlantis in Cape Town or on the challenging track.

Quad biking is a serious rush and one of the most exciting things on 4 wheels. The trails twist and wind through the dunes, offering climbs, descents, technical sections and flat out straights. The quad bikes (ATV- All Terrain Vehicles ) are user friendly, comfortable and safe for beginners, with fully automatic or semi automatic gearboxes, quiet exhaust systems and low impact tires. This makes riding easy and relaxing whilst having a blast. On the ride you will be issued with helmet and goggles.

Tandem sky diving

Then it is time for the bachelor to get thrown out of a plane with a tandem sky diver attached to his/her back of course.

Any other keen enthusiasts amongst the party are welcome to take the plunge as well and feel the experience of terminal velocity with their fellow bachelor.

Skydiving in Cape Town is an unbelievable way to experience the beauty of the Western Cape. Just 40-minutes drive north of Cape Town is where your skydiving experience will take place. You will be amazed at the breathtaking view as you climb thousands of feet before plummeting towards the ground in what is a drop zone like no other on earth!

Video of your jump is an optional extra

After a safe return to the drop zone via a parachute the drinking can begin. We have an awesome party zone facility for you at a nearby farm. Here we can arrange a tasty braai(BBQ) while everyone is partying and enjoying those cold beers.

Transfers not included but can be arranged.

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