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Tandem Skydiving Cape Town

Tandem Skydiving Cape Town is a novel and unique way to experience the magnificence of the Western Cape, and why not do it at one of the most beautiful Drop Zones in the world. The location for your Cape Skydiving experience takes place just 40-minutes drive north of Cape Town, along the West Coast. Marvel at the breathtaking view as you climb to 9000 feet before plummeting towards the ground in what is a drop zone like no other on earth!


After a brief ground instruction and safety check, you will don your gear and board the aircraft in preparation for an unforgettable experience. On the way up in the aircraft, the view of the Cape Peninsula is spectacular. Take the time to appreciate the view on the way up, because it will be an entirely different experience on the way down! Your tandem jumpmaster will count you down and as you jump, prepare to have your breath literally blown away! Enjoy the experience as you FREE-FALL FOR 30 SECONDS before your tandem jumpmaster opens the parachute and you float gently to the ground. Weight Limit of 100 Kilograms – No exceptions unfortunately! Approximately 40 minutes from Cape Town city centre

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